was formed to market, manage and invest in Bitcoin and digital currency opportunities in developing and developed countries. is the third leg of a unique eco-system where:

  • Influencers can earn gift cards and bitcoin @,
  • Shop with bitcoin @,
  • Invest and trade in bitcoin and other digital currencies with BitSovereign partners.

The core belief of BitSovereign is #StayontheBlockChain, where transactions are safer and cost are minimal. Components of BitSovereign include:

  • Advertising, Data, and Digital Real Estate - BitSovereign operates as an Agency in the Digital Currency market.

  • Digital Currency Exchange - Partnerships with external exchanges.

  • BitSovereign Fund LLC - An internal bitcoin fund set up by the partners of BitSovereign LLC to invest in Bitcoin and digital currency opportunities. The fund will NOT have a traditional bank account as investments and distributions are 100% in bitcoin. Current investments and opportunities include:

    • Individual bitcoin users at BTCJam and BitLending Club.

    • A bitcoin mining group - Cloud Hashing.

    • Fiat Exchanges - While the goal is #StayontheBlockChain, the reality is people need and want fiat currency for their daily lives. We are targeting the markets of the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, and Mexico, where has a large user base.

    • Soon we expect to make investments in individual users, groups, and brands on our sister company based on The BuzzScore.

    • We are now looking for opportunities in Bitcoin related companies.

Bitcoin Sponsored the 2014 New York Judo Open

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